What is JAMS?

A smart wearable with a novel metric for fitness

JAMS allows strength and physique athletes to get accurate data on their muscular exertion. Using the gold standard for clinical and exercise science sensor methodologies, the JAMS can measure and report your muscular exertion in real time.

Key Features:

  • Real time muscular fatigue analytics

  • Form Coaching

  • Weekly Volume Tracking

  • Training Intensity Monitoring

  • Overtraining Alerts

  • Predictive Volume Adjustment

  • Long Term Strength Progression Tracking

How does this data give an athlete an edge?

Our proprietary software can make suggestions that will guide an athlete remain in the ideal zone of fatigue for hypertrophy, confidently increase loads or volume, push through psychological barriers, correct their form, or rest to prevent over-training.

By combining your subjective tracking conventions and our muscular exertion metrics, JAMS can give athletes of all levels a greater insight into how hard they’re training and their true maximum muscular output. This will allow athletes to alter necessary recovery and nutrition protocols to maximize their overall fitness.

A new way to gauge group fitness

Groups involved in functional fitness classes can use JAMS as a way to level the playing field. Athletes can be monitored, motion to motion, on their muscular exertion and total workload achieved in each session. A bigger athlete may move more weight, but the best competitors perform until they have nothing left in the tank.