A Fitness Tracker Specifically Designed For Resistance Training

JAMS is a wearable smart device that enables strength and physique based athletes to reliably and accurately track the metric that matters the most to hypertrophy:


Muscular Exertion as a Metric

By detecting the rate of exertion of the muscle itself, JAMS enables athletes to strike a balance between fatigue, output, and recovery

Compete on a Level Playing Field

Group fitness athletes will be able to use their JAMS readouts to compete based on the work they put in during a session, not their size

Mitigate Psychological Factors

With JAMS real time exertion data and proprietary tracking software, athletes will be equipped with the tools necessary to temper their mindset mid-workout and always achieve optimal level of fatigue

Optimize Every Workout

Whether you're conserving for your next event or going full-tilt during a program, JAMS will allow you to get the most out of every workout. High volume, high weight, HIIT, or at-home, JAMS will give athletes constant feedback to optimize their training

Ready to Optimize Your Training?